Gaming: Ben Washington’s “Ceci n’est pas une archive” interactive art

pasarchives„For Sleek 42, “Fun & Games”, we explore the playful, interactive sides of art and fashion. To celebrate, we asked artist Ben Washington to create an exclusive video game work for the Sleek website. In this piece, Ceci n’est pas une archive, the viewer is invited to wander around a virtual sports hall, navigating their way through the digital detritus of projects from Washington’s past.

Flash player is required to view the piece. Scroll down to play.

Keyboard Controls

Click within the image to activate, then hold down keys to play

Forward: W
Backwards: S
Right: D
Left: A
(or arrows keys)

Look / turn : Mouse
Increase mouse sensitivity : X
Decrease mouse sensitivity : Z
Restart : R

Objects that were conceived and created using the computer, that briefly had an existence in the real world and have now returned to where they began. As you wander the hall, between these semi-intangible bits of the past, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d somehow ended up at a slightly off key car-boot sale that had to be moved inside because of the the rain. The British artist, who works with the relationship between virtual game space and real structures was featured in “Game Theory”, an essay about art and video games by Francesca Gavin, in Sleek 42, “Fun and Games”.

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Ist dies die Vorlage für zukünftige archivische, biographische Publikationen? Warum eigentlich nicht!

Danke an Kollegen Bartz für den Hinweis!

Video „The Ordinary Archive“

The Ordinary Archive from Kathleen Pereira on Vimeo.

„This project stemmed from researching the notions of existing archives (public setting), and in contrast, the collections of items and objects found in homes (private setting).
An exploration of how an everyday collection of objects can be made into an archived resource. This archive may or may not hold value to museums or institutions of the like, but it is still of value.
By taking on the role of the archivist, I have determined which objects hold information and value worth documenting and preserving in this archive.“

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