Abstract 7: Jochen Vermote – Das Stadsarchief Ieper im Web 2.0 (mit einem Überblick zur Situation in Belgien)

The City of Ypres Archive has come a long way. Originally, a hidden gem in the centre of Ypres to which only genealogists could find the way. The move to a new location made the archive more visible to the citizens of Ypres. At the same time the City Archive started to promote the archive outside the walls of the building through creating a community. Social media played an important part in this (digital) outreach to a whole new type of public.

We will give an overview of the experiences of Ypres with social media and the social media landscape in Belgian archives.

About the speaker:

Jochen Vermote

Jochen Vermote (°1984) works for the City of Ypres Archive where he is responsible for the (digital) information and records management of the City administration and the Public Centre for Social Welfare. Furthermore he coordinates the digitization and imaging of the City’s historical records. Jochen Vermote formerly worked for the State Archives, focusing on archive management in a collection management system.

He teaches a course in Marketing and Audiences for Archives at VSPW-institute in Ghent.

Abstract 6: Nina Gostenčnik – The Regional Archives Maribor in WEB 2.0 and the overall situation in Slovenian archives

The Regional Archives Maribor started with Facebook and Twitter activities only in November 2011. The main goal is to promote the archives and its function in the area which it covers. Since the archives in Maribor had almost no public recognition in the past, the first impressions and followers‘ feedback show that its presence in WEB 2.0 contributes greatly to its promotion. The presentation will also include a short inside to the overall situation concerning the use of Facebook by other Slovene archives.

About the speaker:

Nina Gostenčnik

Nina Gostenčnik is an archivist at the Regional Archives Maribor (Slovenia). Besides processing archives, she also translates professional articles from Slovene to English language and vice versa and is interested in archival terminology. In the Regional Archives Maribor she manages the archives‘ Facebook and Twitter pages.