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Well, What Came Next?: Selections from ArchivesNext, 2007-2017 (Kate Theimer)

Hier gerne der Hinweis auf das neue Buch von Kate Theimer, eine Auswahl und Zusammenstellung von Blogposts der letzten 10 Jahre:
Between 2007 and 2017 the ArchivesNext blog was among the most influential sources of information for many archivists in the U.S. and beyond. The collection includes over fifty of the blog’s seminal posts, covering topics such as the emerging use of social media by archives, participatory archives, and the definition of „archives.“ The collection includes guest posts by prominent archivists, as well as full content of two of the author’s published articles. The social aspects of the blog, such as fundraising and capturing the humor of archivists on Twitter, are also included. This book provides a valuable snapshot of the currents of archival thinking during the past decade.