#Crowdsourcing: Transcribe Bentham project reaches 10,000th transcription

Transcribe Bentham project reaches 10,000th transcription, UCL News, 24. 7. 2014, http://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/news-articles/0714/230714-transcribe-bentham-10000-milestone/:

Professor Philip Schofield, Director of the Bentham Project (UCL Laws), said: “Reaching our 10,000th volunteer-produced transcription is a very considerable achievement. The total collection of Bentham manuscripts stands at an estimated 100,000. A few years ago, it was thought that the collection would never be transcribed in its entirety due to the huge nature of the task – but it now looks like a distinct possibility.

“The success of Transcribe Bentham is owed fundamentally to our volunteers. Without them, the project would be nothing and we value every contribution – no matter how small. The team are all hugely grateful to the transcribers for their efforts, and for so generously giving their time to spend with this philosophically and historically important collection of manuscripts.​”

Dr Tim Causer, UCL Bentham Project, added: “When Transcribe Bentham was launched, we had little idea of just how successful the initiative was going to be. It was something of an experiment, and a shot in the dark: would anyone really want to transcribe and encode Bentham’s manuscripts when they are often so infuriatingly complex, both in terms of content and composition?

“Since January of this year, we have had more visitors and contributions than ever and by late March volunteers had worked on an impressive 7,369 transcripts. Since then, the transcription rate has exploded and we have received what is usually a year’s worth of transcription in four months, with volunteers working on an average of 157 transcripts per week. Transcribing Bentham is a far from easy task, but the care and attention taken by transcribers never ceases to impress us: 92% of these 10,000 transcripts have been approved after checking.​”




Sehr lesenswert ist die Projektbeschreibung: Transcribe Bentham, http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/transcribe-bentham/about/

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