Verschlagwortet: Liam Wyatt

Aus der Wikipedia-GLAM-Broschüre 0

Aus der Wikipedia-GLAM-Broschüre

Schön, wenn der Keynote-Speaker der letzten Offene Archive-Konferenz einem gleich auf Seite 1 zitiert wird… By Wikimedia Deutschland, Also available original Scribus source file [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

“Drei Fragen an…” Liam Wyatt – Vorschau Offene Archive 2.3 (16) 2

“Drei Fragen an…” Liam Wyatt – Vorschau Offene Archive 2.3 (16)

Frage 1: Classifications are familiar to all archivists: How would you describe yourself in three creative hashtags? Liam Wyatt: #PeaceLove&Metadata  #GLAMWiki  #AustraliaEurope Frage 2: Archivists belong to a rare species often associated with a life of windowless stack-rooms and complex access rights: How do you perceive the contact to archives, what do you enjoy, what bothers you? Liam Wyatt: My perception of contact with reference desk enquiries...

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